Prune Belly Syndrome Network

How We Work

First and foremost, your contribution helps sponsor the upkeep and maintenance of this website. The PBSN's presence on the web creates greater awareness of prune belly syndrome among the general public as well as the healthcare community. Contributions also pay for the PBSN's website, where people with PBS (and their families and friends) can learn about PBS and talk online about treatment options and support each other. Our online roles are the main functions of the PBSN. Fortunately, our Facebook page is free!

Second, the PBSN funds an annual convention, where people with PBS can meet each other face-to-face: some for the first time ever. Occasionally, after the general costs of the convention are paid for, it is possible for the PBSN to offer some attendees hotel-room grants on a needs basis. This money is paid directly to the hotel hosting the convention.

Third, the PBSN is proud to finally help fund research into the cause of PBS at Dr Linda Baker's lab at the University of Texas. Please see our research page for more information.

Although the PBSN would love to provide financial support to members who urgently need it, we are unable to do so, due to our limited resources. No money is used to pay staff: we are all volunteers.

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